IEEE memberships are paid memberships, but the IEEE does offer a studnet membership deal. Follow the steps below.

  1. Go to the official IEEE website and click on the "JOIN IEEE" blue button;

2. scroll down and click the "Join as a student" button;


3. if you Don't have an account, then click "Create account". If you Do have an account, then sign in and skip step 4;


4. fill up the necessary information and click "Create Account and Continue Joining" button;


5. after you have successfully created an account, you have to enter some important information. First is your Contact information displayed bellow;


6. secondly is your Professional and education information. This step is important to do right because this is where they sent your information to your school; 


7. after submitting all your information, head to checkout and your final price should be displayed. The cheapest option for a student membership is $32.00 US dollars plus tax( about $42.16 Canadian). You can go to "Customize Options" to add or remove any add-ons you need;


8. after payment, and email will be sent to you with a receipt and you membership #. Keep those two in a safe place.